What are Geometries in Spatial Computing?

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In augmented reality (A/R), virtual reality (V/R) and mixed reality (M/R), the term "geometry" (plural: "geometries"), refers to a three-dimensional (3D) shape that has three dimensions: length, width and height.

An image that shows various geometries including: an octahedron, cylinder, icosahedron, ellipsoid, parallelepiped, hexagonal pyramid, cube, hexagonal prism, cone, sphere, square pyramid, dodecahedron, pentagonal prism, cuboid and tetrahedron.

Examples of Geometries

The terms geometry, object or model are often used interchangeably to refer to the form of a A/R, V/R or M/R three-dimensional element (i.e. a character or a cube).

These geometries often use textures or other materials to create the final visual outcome through physically based rendering (PBR) or texture mapping.

For more examples of geometries, consult the ThreeJS guide linked below.

Please note that the link points to the box geometry, the remaining geometries can be accessed using the menu on the left side bar.

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