How to create a StoreKit offering in XCode or App Store Connect

Oscar de la Hera Gomez
Two flowers that represents App Store Connect and XCode with the text "StoreKit Offering" beneath them.

A guide on creating a StoreKit offering that works locally or syncs with App Store Connect.

If you are looking to work directly with App Store Connect, please make sure that you sync your file after every new addition or change. If you are unaware of how to do this follow the tutorial below.

In-App Purchases

If you wish to create Consumable or Non-Consumable In-App Purchases, please follow the tutorials below.

App Store Connect



If you wish to create Auto-Renewable or Non-Renewing Subscriptions, please follow the tutorials below.

App Store Connect



If you wish to add any Introductory Offers, Promotional Offers or Offer Codes to the subscriptions, please consult the tutorials below.

Please note that Introductory Offers and Custom Offer Codes can be combined to extend a customers trial period.

App Store Connect


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